About Luke

Values are at the heart of relationships.


I am extremely honest. Trust is a very serious business. My word is my bond. If I commit to something, it will happen. Reliable is my middle name. I am honest to myself and the people I associate with. To be anything but, requires an exceptional memory.


So strong is my alignment to Values, in 2003 in partnership, I built a business focused on supporting teachers and students to understand the West Australian Education Curriculum of the 5 overarching Values: Knowledge, Self, Others, Community, and Environment. In this position, I helped write a Values Profile Questionnaire for students, created textbooks for teachers, and presented to thousands of staff members.

My decision-making process incorporates these values. It makes life very simple.


In Year One, I confided with my teacher that I also wanted to be a teacher – to help people become the best versions of themselves. (I didn’t say the last part. However, that is what I have been doing ever since). Knowing my WHY, I completed Teachers College and taught for 7 years.

Following this, I completed a Graduate Diploma in Business Management and recently completed a Diploma in Positive Psychology. This is the core message of any By George workshop and the essence of leading a flourishing, happy life full of meaning.


Making conscious decisions about what I can extract from life while supporting others along the way, has been rewarded with my most valuable assets – three magnificent sons, a beautiful wife (best friend) of over 30 years, meaningful relationships, and physical and mental health that allows me to surf, swim, water polo, ride, travel, laugh, smile, indulge and many more pleasant activities.


By now you may be thinking anyone can write such a glowing resumé. No, because you can’t fake who you are. Why do I know that I am this person?

One of the Positive Psychology assignments was to complete a Reflected Best Exercise TM (University of Michigan). Simply send an invitation to your contact list asking them to give three (3) stories of where they had seen you at your best. It was a massive validation of my qualities that I hold true. Try it. You will be surprised with the result.