Conversations with Leaders in Education – Stella Jinman

I was so excited to have interviewed Stella Jinman, Principal of Cecil Andrews College, Telstra Business Woman of the Year, Finalist 2020, and winner of the School Principal of the Year, Australian Education Awards 2020.
Stella has devoted her life to the improvement and growth of all people under her leadership.
For the past 9 years, she has navigated Cecil Andrews College out of the fog and into the light of possibilities for all.
She believes that your postcode should not define you and your destiny is in your hands.
Stella shared her highs and lows of teaching and leading to inspire others to “Be the change you want to see”.

There are plenty of takeaways as expressed by the viewers.

David Wanstall: Great job Stella… your story is very inspiring!
Christine Henderson: Thanks – our students and teachers need Principals like you
Narell Black: Thank you for sharing
Mel Kettle: Thank you for sharing, inspiring
Patricia Joss : Stella, you are always inspiring
Merrilee Wright: Thanks, Stella. Great stories and achievements.
Todd Clark: Thank you, Luke and Stella, very inspiring