Make Your Values Clear

Values Picture.

There is no confusion as to what the Values of the Ballajura Primary School Community are. They are clearly advertised on the Administration building as you enter the school grounds. Big, bright and bold.

They are a reference to what is expected of everyone who associates with the school – parents, students, educators, contractors. There is no confusion as to what is expected and what the outcome will be. It is like a four-word Code of Conduct. “I am here to inspire, participate, learn and succeed.” Not just students. Everyone. And this is why I love working with the leadership team, staff and students.

The Values are embraced. This is the culture that everyone strives for. You can see them in the infrastructure. You can hear them the classrooms. You can feel them in the staff room.

Schools and businesses go to great lengths to brainstorm their Values. Have them graphically-animated then inserted as the screensaver on everyone’s monitor.

But does this mean the people embrace them? Values are deeper than just good signage or graphics. However, it is a start. And the benefits of following through is evident at Ballajura Primary School.

Are your Values clearly advertised for all to embrace?
Can you see, hear and feel them on a daily basis?