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Public Speaking

Martin Luther King had a dream. John F Kennedy had a plan. Steve Jobs had a vision. What they all had in common is a message worth sharing through the medium of public speaking.

The reason we communicate a message is to inspire greatness, inform for growth, persuade to follow or entertain for happiness. Inspire, inform, persuade and entertain.

We all have a message worth sharing. Every day in different situations at work, at home, and in the community.

Do you have a fear of public speaking?

Do you avoid opportunities to present to the team?

Do you lack confidence because you have don’t have a strategy to formulate your ideas and engage the audience?

Where are you currently on the Public Speaking Ladder?

You can see, that depending on your Speaker Growth, affects your Impact and Audience Engagement.

Have you been in the audience looking at your watch wishing the “Reluctant Speaker” will wind up? You are distracted. Truth be known, bored.

The impactful speakers work in the green by connecting to their audience through vocal variety, body language, and proven delivery models like storytelling.

If you can engage an audience, you can influence change.

The Effective Communication workshop is for anyone wanting to:

  • build confidence in presenting to an audience,
  • advance their communication skills for better engagement,
  • learn the “Jedi mind tricks” in delivering a memorable message.

Utilizing the Effective Communication model of Message, Structure, and Delivery, you will enter any speaking opportunity with a proven engagement strategy that nurtures confidence.

On completion you will know:

  • How to engage and connect to an audience.
  • How to structure a story to create change.
  • The key structures of a presentation.
  • How to speak with confidence.
  • How to overcome the fear of presenting.

"The BEST presentation skills course out there! If Luke taught me anything, it was to nail the opening sentence. Here, it was easy to write the above opener because it’s absolutely true. Luke ran an insightful, practical course that taught easy to use materials and omitted the usual public speaking cliches you hear over and over. Importantly, Luke taught us to embrace our individual presentation styles. Other key differentiators for this course includes personalised, honest feedback and 1-1 mentoring. Cannot recommend enough." Alice Tormey,vContracting & Procurement Adviser & Management Committee Member, PWC

“Luke is an excellent learning facilitator, going above and beyond just providing learning material. Luke makes a conscious effort to connect with those he works with to ensure that they receive the maximum potential benefit from working with him. Highly professional and engaging.” - Thomas Huckstadt, Senior Associate, PWC

“Luke taught me effective communication begins with your ability to deliver a message with an engaging headline and non-verbal communication that livens your message. This course was all about stepping out your comfort zone to fulfill your endeavour of becoming a more equipped, confident speaker. Luke's Effective Communication course was a great space for me to do this and grow as a speaker.” - Niraj Gorasiya, Associate Consultant, PWC