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School Culture Reviews

In a school setting, it is taken for granted that the teachers are qualified and experienced to educate students to the Department’s standards.

What principals do need to realize, that being a qualified teacher does not mean that teachers are fully aware of what it takes to work within and support a positive school culture.

This is the role of a high-performing leader. To inspire and transform the teachers to be leaders of their classes and not just to teach but inspire.

By researching best practice and interviewing Centre of Excellence awarded principals,

By George has perfected a School Culture Model that reflects the elements and actions required to transform your school into a school culture that creates positive, high-performing students and educators.

What we can do:

  • Partner with the school to create a positive school culture.
  • Administer a school culture survey with triangulation data from teachers, education assistants, administration staff, parents, and students. This shows the areas of need and celebration
  • Identify the areas that are road blocks to creating a positive school culture.
  • Implement simple changes to leadership actions to evoke change.
  • Work with staff in embedding the High-Performance model.