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Preparing for a school review is a massive task. Compiling the evidence and coordinating the people to collate the information is a time-consuming event.

  • Step One. Answer the Guiding Questions under the six domains in preparation for entering data into the Electronic School Assessment Tool (ESAT).
  • Step Two Align the Business Plan, the Domains and the Questions to the gathered evidence.
  • Step Three Reflect and improve the next Business Plan’s content so it easier to understand and implement.

The problem is that someone needs to take ownership on top of their current role and responsibilities. This is when the deadline dictates the outcome and stress levels rise. By George project manages the whole process by rolling up the sleeves and getting the hands dirty.

What we do

  • Transpose the Business Plan including milestones, targets, strategies into a working document complete with Domains and Guiding Questions.
  • Update on a regular basis with review team to drive the required actions.
  • Meet with evidence owners to extract and review data so it aligns with answering guiding questions.
  • Collate all evidence ready for input into ESAT.
  • Reviews findings and recommends to leadership team adjustments for future Business Plan.