Pilbara-Kimberley Forum 2021 – “Creating Enduring Connections”

LGP Pilbara-Kimberly Forum Photo

Broome is a wonderful destination this time of the year and even better when you are sharing the experience with wonderful, positive people. People associated with the Local Government Professionals Western Australia.

Luana Abbott did an amazing job organising the Pilbara-Kimberley Forum 2021 where representatives of Shires of Broome to East Kimberley Shire gathered to be informed, entertained and inspired over two days.

This year’s theme was “Creating Enduring Connections” so my 3-hour “Connect with Kindness” workshop was on point and well-received by participants.

To connect with kindness, I use a Values Cycle model. Your ‘value’ is your reputation. You are ‘valued’ by how you communicate. You are ‘valuable’ when you support your connections.

It was a super fun session and the common feedback words were “engaging workshop”. For any Presenter, this is an important factor.

Continuing on the theme of “connections”, I was privileged to listen to Michelle Cowan’s inspirational AFL journey and hang out with the very talented Julian Pace who delivered another signature wellbeing keynote.

But best of all were the very friendly and dedicated Local Government representatives who made me feel welcomed and cherished. Thank you.