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What Would Your Future Self Say?

Recently I visited my 91-old father in Albany. He has been retired for nearly 10 years longer than he actually worked. Dad is in “good nick” for a man of his age. He has fantastic health and mentally he holds a conversation and will tell anyone who is interested about the life cycle of a crayfish which was his passion and life’s work.

Isn’t this how we would all like to see out our twilight years? Minimal health issues? Mentally aware?

We can, by introducing our Future Self into today's decision making process.

Dad’s working life was relatively stress-free. In general, the attitude to work was slow paced and the frantic pressure of having everything completed yesterday was not part of the working culture.

He made choices then that are benefiting his lifestyle now.

By this I mean his Present Self (1960’s/1970’s) made life choices that supported his Future Self (2020).Dad wanted to be his best self-more often to complete his very important work. He exercised. He ate well. He slept well. He avoided stress.

Any financial planner would tell you, “The time to invest is now.”

With this in mind, next time there is a decision to be made or struggling to motivate yourself, ask your Future Self what they would do?

For instance,

Should I do the injury rehabilitation every day as the doctor said? Yes, Future Self won’t have to put up with the aches and pains.

Should I exercise more to keep myself flexible and healthy? Yes, Future Self will be mobile for longer.

Should I reduce my stress? Yes, Future Self will be calmer and happier.

Your Present Self is a culmination of your Past Self. Now is the opportunity to set up your Future Self. Use your Future Self to be your conscious.

If you are going to live longer, make it worthwhile like my dad.

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