Purpose – Clear and Regular

Warnbro Primary Purpose

At the start of the 2021 school year, I had the pleasure of standing with the Warnbro Primary School staff and reconnect with our Purpose.

Their Purpose was etched into steel and mounted on a Purpose – built wall for eternity. You can’t miss them as you walk to the front office:

  • Inspire Minds
  • Create Wisdom
  • Connect People
  • Build Community

This is why they come to work each day.

I facilitated a formal session with informal interaction. Staff shouted out what each Purpose statement meant to them and the school. There was clarity as we all agreed on the interpretation. Then to add to the fun, we developed an action that went with each Purpose statement. But this was not a one-off discussion or workshop. This was the start of a positive culture voyage on The Warnbro.

Using the analogy from Jim Collin’s book ‘Good to Great’ where one of the critical needs of an organisation is for everyone to be on the bus.

At Warnbro Primary School, being close to the ocean with nautical heritage, we elected to have everyone on the great ship, “Warnbro”. As Simon Sinek says, “Start with Why”.

In the weekly Captain’s Log, Captain Tarryn Murray updates the weeks positive impact on the school community. Always with reference to PURPOSE.

“This week we Inspired Minds, Created Wisdom, Connected People and Built Community.” It can’t be clearer than that.

Is your school or business purpose clearly articulated and regularly referred to?