Team building via Public Speaking

Effective Communication Program.

Recently I had the pleasure of working with a team of PWC Consultants. Each session the participants presented a speech with a focus on a particular aspect of presenting or storytelling. These speeches and stories gave an insight into the personal world of these adventurous, talented and compassionate people.

Here a few of the many impactful topics that were delivered:

  • Learning the violin at a young age to one day play a piece of music from a departed best friend for their uncle.
  • The impact of a friend’s suicide on the family and loved ones they left behind.
  • The joy of sharing smoked meats with friends.
  • How to organise 750 guests for an Indian wedding.

Besides the improved communication skills and boost in confidence, participants commented on how better they were connected to their work colleagues. It was a real team-building exercise. On reflection, they are 100% correct. Trust and honesty between people kick in once we have had more than the surface “round the water cooler” conversations. It is when we understand their values, beliefs and background is when the real connection deepens.

Yes, going bowling, climbing ropes or sharing a drink is definitely bonding. But what other environment creates a sense of safety for colleagues to share real life stories like a public speaking course?

Thank you PWC for opening my eyes to the additional benefits of an Effective Communications program.