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Luke George- Speaker, Trainer, Coach





Education Consultant

Luke George's passion for Education is unwavering and over the past 16 years he has presented to over 400 schools and 10,000 teachers.

In Year One, I confided with my teacher that I also wanted to be a teacher – to help people become the best versions of themselves. (I didn’t say the last part. However, that is what I have been doing ever since). Knowing my WHY, I completed Teachers College and taught for 7 years.

Following this, I completed a Graduate Diploma in Business Management and recently completed a Diploma in Positive Psychology. This is the core message of any By George workshop and the essence of leading a flourishing, happy life full of meaning.

Positive school culture workshop


By George supports Educators and Professionals to be the best version of themselves so they will make a difference to their target audience.

  • For Teachers – Interact in staff wellbeing workshops to manage stress and increase fulfillment.

  • For Principals – Survey and develop a positive school culture that improves performance for students, staff and community.

  • For Leaders - Learn leadership strategies that make a difference to your team's performance and belonging.

  • Professionals – Present Effective Communication workshops to improve speaking confidence for better engagement during meetings, deliverables, and public speaking opportunities.


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