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Courageous Educators

Wellbeing is like surfing in the ocean, sometimes you’re paddling
against the waves, sometimes you are riding with the waves.”


“41% of teachers register for stress support.” 2011 Milton
"Teachers make more mental health claims than any other industry." Workcover 2014

The stress we feel from the demands on your expertise as a teacher, parent, partner, confidant, or colleague is relentless. The many hats we wear are being swapped with no time to look in the mirror, check your hair, splash your face and adjust the next hat. It is take off, then put on.

The one hat we don’t wear often enough, is your own.

Not everyone understands the emotional toll of being an educator.

Then there is the guilt that we should be better. A better teacher. Better partner. Better parent. And the list goes on. For every hat, we could be better.

“I should have been at my son’s hockey match, but I needed to catch up on marking.”
“I would have liked to have attended Mary’s dinner party, but I was too tired.”


Over my years of working with school staff delivering wellbeing strategies, the following is what I have found as barriers for staff to feel in balance and out of stress:

  • They don’t have an active strategy for reducing stress.

  • They resist taking the first step towards their best self.

  • They talk excuses rather take action.

  • They avoid the real reasons for their stress.

  • They avoid self-accountability.

  • They are unaware of the triggers of stress.

  • They haven’t reflected on what a balanced life is.

  • They know what is important, but choose others over self.


Why does this matter?

John Hattie said that the most effective tool in student learning is their teacher. Not just a body in front of the class, but an energised, enthusiastic teacher. This is when students learn.

Stress and balance are a real need and if not addressed the education of students is at risk. There are no winners according to the research. Not for the teachers. Not for the students. Not
for the community.

The demands on teaching will not dissipate, but the way in which staff respond to the demands by preparing themselves to be their best is like wearing armour ready to deflect or devour the
Mental Health needs to be constantly addressed for when staff need it.

How do I help?

  • Deliver a Staff Wellbeing workshops – half day, full day or after school sessions.

  • Administer an Individual Wellbeing Diagnostic for staff that reports on their current Wellbeing.

  • Distribute a School Wellbeing Status Survey to gauge the health of the staff as a whole.

  • Suggest Wellbeing reflection challenges to promote awareness and support for staff.

  • Provide fortnightly relevant Wellbeing strategies via Newsletter.


On conclusion your staff will:

  •  Be Self-aware of the triggers that cause stress.

  • Address these triggers by being proactive rather than reactive.

  • Be confident to make better choices.

  • Understand the power of gratefulness.

  • Be equipped to make decisions about their wellbeing.

  • Be the solution rather than the problem.

  • Acknowledge the efforts and situations of others.

  • Reimage their teaching pathway.

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"Luke is an excellent public speaker who is engaging and inspiring. His presentation is very well balanced between talk, group work and self-reflection. Would recommend to other schools looking to enhance wellbeing habits and structures within their environments.”

Adrian Correia, Deputy Principal,

St Luke’s College, Karratha

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