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Courageous Speakers

“A powerful presentation is like a fine wine; it engages the senses and creates a memorable experience.”

The skill of delivering a succinct message in an engaging manner that changes the audience’s perspective is allusive to a majority of people.

Most of us have the desire to speak to a group but our anxiety consumes any effort to volunteer our voice. The very thought of talking in front of peers can bring on the classic flight qualities – shortness of breath, physical shaking, sleepless nights, negative thoughts. These feelings stifle any advancement of our speaking quest.

We fear what others will think of us as a presenter and what impact that will have on our relationships. Being the centre of attention with all eyes focused on us is a daunting task. We feel like we need to entertain the audience to the level of a good comedian or singer.
And from what we deliver will be the narrative they will attach to us. Our personality will be judged by our performance.


Best we stay out of the spotlight and leave speaking, presenting or facilitating to others more adept.

This leads to the next problem for the individual and the organisation. Any aspiring leader no matter what level of the corporate ladder needs to inspire, inform, persuade and even entertain a team of people in order to advance the organisations


Any aspiring leader no matter what level of the corporate ladder needs to inspire, inform, persuade and even entertain a team of people in order to advance the organisations purpose.

A leader leads by modelling and articulating. Modelling is doing and articulating is speaking. Not being able to effectively speak or present to an audience is a reflection of the leader and the organisation. 

Over my years of training and coaching speakers the following is what I have found as barriers to powerful presentations:

  •  Lack of confidence to give a presentation.

  • The slide deck is too wordy. 

  • The presentation lacks structure.

  • Fear of what the audience will think of them.

  • Lack of knowledge on how to engage the audience.

A great presentation builds individual confidence, positive recognition of the organisation and motivates the audience to take action.

How Can I Help?

I deliver Speaking Programs to leaders and teams to improve their engagement and impact.

  • Deliver a Public Speaking workshops – half day, full day or full program.

  • Administer a Speakers Diagnostic for participants that reports on their current Speaking attributes.

  • Suggest Speaking reflection challenges to promote awareness and confidence when speaking.

What now?
Your future leaders already have the skill set and wisdom of their craft, but they don’t have the speaking skills they need to articulate and transfer this knowledge.
A poor speaker guides the audience nowhere. A great speaker elevates the audience somewhere.
Upskill your future leaders with the skills to go somewhere rather than nowhere.

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Our Clients Say

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"Luke is an excellent learning facilitator, going above and beyond just providing learning material. Luke makes a conscious effort to connect with those he works with to ensure that they receive the maximum potential benefit from working with him. Highly professional and engaging."

Thomas Huckstadt, Senior Associate, PWC

The Art of Storytelling Whitepaper

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Free Public Speaking Tutorials

Click the link below to access eleven public speaking tutorials that will help you with your mastery of public speaking.


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