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Courageous Culture

Positive Culture equals High Performance

“Culture is the fabric that unites the purpose, people and process to
create above average results.”

School Culture is easily defined by the answer a staff member gives to the question:
“What is it like teaching at your Primary School?”


The answer from your staff is a summary of their belonging, safety and enjoyment.
If they don’t feel safe to show up, own up and set up success, then the students miss out on the staff’s “best self”.


Any small negativity is like a drop in the negativity pond creating negative ripples and debilitating impact. Being aware of a Positive Culture creates a drop in the Positivity pond, creating positive ripples and liberating impact.

Over my years of working with staff, the following is what I have found as barriers for them to feel empowered and fulfilled thus creating negative dents in a positive culture:

  •  The ability to have safe conversations.

  • The confidence to stand up for their values.

  • The awareness of their own strengths.

  • The negative talk with other staff.

  • The curiosity to solve the real problem.

  • The commitment to accountability.

  •  The loyalty to the team and themselves.


It is not a Culture Change that is required, but a Culture Shift.
The culture of any organisation is under constant threat of imploding due to some individuals or factions who misconceive the actions of others as detrimental to their own identity.


Using a variety of culture and leadership research, (Covey, Dweck, Seligiman, Sinek) staff will be immersed in a journey of reflection, challenges, and awareness.
Everyone is a Leader of a Positive Culture.


How I help?
Across several Culture workshops, the staff are engaged in interactive workshops that shift their thinking and their actions through:

  •  Distribute the “Positive Culture” survey for staff responses to set a baseline.

  • Set up actions from the survey data.

  • Challenge participants status quo and offer alternative choices.

  • Complete reflection challenges to break self imposed barriers.

  • Engage all staff with the strategies and skill set to Lead a Positive Culture

  •  Incorporate the school’s Business Plan as references giving further relevance and motivation to staff to act.


What now?
“Culture eats strategy for breakfast” Peter Drucker
So true!


Many problems with school performance can be traced back to a negative culture that does not support the business plan and falls short of student expectations.
You would be surprised at what the difference small shifts in mindset and processes can do to improve a school’s performance.


If the school culture is in need of a positive shift, then explore the opportunities to engage in a partnership coach who is 100% invested in the shift required to create a school that is meeting community expectations.

Book an Appointment

Contact Luke for a free confidential conversation.

“Luke has worked with staff for a number of years to analyse, build and then develop our school culture through a positive, collaborative and reflective process. His honest, open and supportive approach has enabled staff to develop trusting relationships with both Luke and colleagues which has led to significant growth and improvement across the school."

Lesley Barrett, Principal,

Neerigen Brook Primary School


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