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A Little, Often

Updated: May 9, 2023

My garden was a mess. I let the weeds grow and the flowering plants were struggling for light. Obviously weeding is not my go to fun activity.

We put off what we don’t like, but there is a point when reality gives you a nudge and says, “Either pay a gardener or put in some sweat.”

After a weekend of weeding and pruning, I thought an afternoon refreshment with friends was required.

My mate laughed at the amount of time and effort I put into my garden.

“A little, often.” Is what he said.

Apply small amounts of effort to the project over a longer period of time.

He was right. As the weeds start to blossom, attack them.

Same as Student Reports.

The reality is that in Week 7 Students reports are due. Do you start doing a little often now or prepare for late nights and a long weekend in Week 6?

The latter is high stress and low gain. As the crucial deadline draws closer your comments and quality start to wane.

Little often begins now with a schedule of small activities that slowly build to the completed report. Low stress and high gain.

What are the little activities to do now?

1. Gather the data. Are there any learning areas that you will be reporting on using last terms data? Will you be adding to this data this term? If not, start reporting.

2. Have clarity. Are you fully aware of the reporting format, deadlines, expectations and comments. These are questions that you can understand now.

3. Allocate time. Mark in your calendar when you will be dedicating time to student reporting and if possible, what you will be doing. The accumulation of the 60-minute time slots quickly adds up to a lot of achievement.

4. Do the work. Enough said.

I really do love our garden and the weeding comes with the territory as does the satisfaction when it is complete.

Like teaching, you love it, and reporting comes with the educational journey.

So do a little, often.

Reduce the stress and restore the balance.

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