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All it takes is a conversation.

It is amazing what can be created from a conversation. Have you had one of those conversations that turn into an event, a project, or a movement? You can remember the exact date, location, and persons.

“From little things, big things grow” Paul Kelly

It happened to me in June 2020, Ballajura Primary School during a casual discussion with my good friend David Wanstall. We love all things education and after discussing the attributes of my Staff Wellbeing workshops, David challenged me with the notion that School Culture is the basis of school performance and stakeholder wellbeing.

What could help school leaders to understand their culture so they can improve their performance?

During the July holidays, I investigated current school culture research and found there were common elements or imperatives in several models including ATSIL Standards, ESAT Domains, and the National School Improvement Tool.

To help a school answer the “Culture’ question, we needed data.

Introducing the School Culture Review Survey.

Teachers, students, and the community are asked about their perception of the school’s culture.

Several schools have utilized the survey giving tremendous insights into areas worth celebrating and challenges worth resourcing.

Plus, the data directly links to the School Review process.

Data stimulates conversations, defines the purpose, and directs energy.

What started as a conversation, turned into a movement that will improve student performance through improved school culture.

When was the last time you acted on the outcome of a conversation?

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