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Allocate Time for Flow

The school holidays have started as evident with the quieter roads in the morning and afternoons.

Hopefully this indicates that a few families are enjoying the autumn weather and partaking in the holiday activities on offer.

As teachers this is your time to relax, recharge and reflect.

Relax in the presence of loved ones.

Recharge by doing anything but work.

Reflect on the mountains you conquered last term.

However, there is something else we should add to the mix that supports our wellbeing – Being in FLOW.

Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi devoted his life to studying the attributes of artists, sports people, musicians, business people and alike to find a common factor of when they were at their best mentally due to focus. He found FLOW.

The point of focus where the challenge of the activity is equal to the skill level necessary to achieve success.

The total absorption of the brain’s resources focusses on the challenge at hand.

Creating art. Playing sport. Making music or even strategizing a business solution.

But don’t think it has to be physical.

Reading a book. Solving a Sudoku or Crossword. Playing a board game. All count for being FLOW.

You know you are in FLOW when time becomes irrelevant. When the skill level required excites you.

When the final product is a celebration.

The body and brain are flooded with dopamine stimulating deeper connection and healthy self-esteem.

So, these holidays, allocate time for FLOW activities as an added wellbeing attribute.

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