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Choose Your Own Adventure

After a false start, the 2021 year of education has begun.

Leaving the COVID pandemic aside for a moment, will it be another year like before?

I mean, starting the term excited and ending exhausted?

You do have a choice, like most things in life.

That is why the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books were so popular. If you didn’t like the outcome, you could go back and change your decision.

Decisions are easy. It is the consequences that we are afraid of.

Either way there is a consequence, why not make it one we really want?

Here is your first decision with two choices, will I end the term exhausted or exhilarated?

If you choose the latter, then reverse engineer to what you need to do on a daily basis to achieve this outcome. Reflect on the situations that create the exhaustion. What can you change? It is usually the voice saying “I should be really doing …” If that is the case, then do it. At least for a few days. What could be the worst that can happen?

Here are 5 tips that are easily implemented that make a difference:

1. Schedule a walk with a friend or colleague. Make it a walk and talk meeting if necessary.

2. Go to bed early and read a book. Recharge the batteries.

3. Skip the comfort food before going to bed. The body will cope.

4. Phone that friend you haven’t spoken to for a while. Rekindling relationships gives a real boost of happiness.

5. Find a quiet place and reflect on your achievements over the past week. Sometimes we need to reaffirm how productive we are.

It is the 1% daily practice that creates the 100% certainty for future success.

Time to choose your own adventure.

Happy educating.

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