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Courageous Leaders- Teacher to Leader

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

In his book “The E Myth” Michael Gerber writes about the disillusionment for Entrepreneurs on their journey from start-up to business and the role changes it takes to feel comfortable with leadership.

The essence of the journey is that we believe if you are good at a task and have the necessary skill set to be quite accomplished, then you are naturally ready to lead others and support them with their journey.

Gerber refers to this transition as Technician to Manager. Let’s replace Manager with Leader. Simon Sinek says “We don’t manage people, we lead people.”

However, the expectations of a Leader are overwhelming for a technician because knowing the skill set is no longer their strength. The Technician is dealing with people which requires a new set skill set.

There is a big difference between knowing something and helping someone to know the something. There are barriers to be considered. And this will take some courage to ask difficult questions, to break down the barrier so the student can be found.

Middle Leadership in schools are Teachers elevated to Leaders. Their roles are to lead a team to be their best. Implement the business plan. Lead the collaborative meetings. Solve the team’s problems. Hold people to account.

There is a gap between Teacher and Leader. A gap that cannot be reduced by one off conversations with the Administration Team.

I have been working with several schools coaching their Team Leaders on a regular basis to reduce the gap. The program started out as Empowered Leadership and has morphed into Courageous Leaders.

Setting Courageous Leaders up for success has made a substantial impact on the teachers change in mindset.

The collaboration meetings are more productive.

The conversations are more powerful.

The leaders are more confident.

It does take time. But the skill set gap between Teacher and Leader reduces faster because someone is driving the growth on a consistent basis.

If you believe your Team Leaders could benefit from consistent, accountable coaching, then let’s talk about creating Courageous Leaders.

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