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Courageous Leaders Ask Difficult Questions

I don’t usually answer a private number with a weird configuration, but I had the automatic answer turned on. It was Gomez from Go Daddy web hosting services of which I was a subscriber asking me how I was enjoying the service.

Go Daddy call it Customer Connection, I would call it Employee Ineffectiveness.

I mean, so long as the website remains up without a glitch, then I am happy, and the answer is yes.

The hard question they should be asking is “When you had a problem, did you get an immediate solution?” Then be prepared to work on the internal processes if the answer is in the negative. Because this is the true test of a real service. Not while it is working, but when in it is not functioning.

The test of a real service is when you are in pain, and someone takes the time to feel your pain and work with you to solve your pain.

Like leadership. When everything is running smoothly the feedback will be positive.

However true leadership is the ability to muster the courage and work with the individual/team to solve a problem. This will take some difficult conversations.

The conversation is difficult because to discover the solution, a mirror is used that may not reflect what the individual / team want to see.

However, when the journey to solution has been completed, the feedback sheet will again return to positive. We have all grown, but it took courage to guide, support, listen and acknowledge the individual/team’s win.

Courage is a learnt strength that comes with many benefits but encompasses a myriad of skill sets. One of them being the difficult conversation.

Are your Team Leaders like Go Daddy who like to ask the easy questions when all is good or are they Courageous Leaders who are prepared to have the difficult conversation that grows everyone while on the solution path?

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