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Culture is Contagious

Welcome back to making a difference in people’s lives – students, staff, peers, parents and community. 2023 will be another wonderful year of education impact.

And the impact I would like to have is in the areas of Culture, Wellbeing and Leadership.

Creating a Positive School Culture, nurturing staff Wellbeing and developing Courageous Leaders.

So let’s start with Culture.

My friend has recently moved to a “leafy green” suburb (medium to high socio-economic standing) and when I asked him about the school the children go to, his reply was quite a shock.

It was a shock because the reason he moved was to be in the catchment area for the local primary school, but his children were enrolled in a school out of catchment area.

Moving house for the sake of a better education for you kids is very admirable, but then not to enroll your kids in the school was quite an about face.

One would think there was enough research done about the school prior to making a substantial investment in time and money. It turns out, after further questioning, they did do the research by looking at NAPLAN results and other data as displayed on the school’s website. The school was glowing academically, which is what the parents were looking for.

So why the change of mind?


Once they were in the suburb, they met the locals and asked about the local school.

Unfortunately, the banter was not inspiring.

“They don’t follow through with their intentions.”

“You get different information depending on who you speak to.”

“The staff’s actions don’t align with the school’s values.”

But the results are really good?

The students are naturally gifted due to their “leafy green” environment.

My friend was persuaded to try the neighbouring “leafy green” school with comparative results, but a better environment.

“The same message throughout the school.”

“Everybody helps each other no matter who you speak to.”

“Intentions are followed through.”

“Very welcoming.”

My friend’s actions to change his school preference was not based on the school’s website or business plan. It was the community’s conversations. Conversations about Culture.

I am not comparing the two schools, but parents do. Their interactions and experiences on an individual level is what their conversations are about. Be them perceived or reality.

A School’s Culture is contagious. Is your school’s culture worth catching?

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