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How Strengths Can Unite a Team

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Last week I was so grateful to be working with very talented team leaders who inspire me every time I am in their presence.

The Courageous Leaders program was investigating the importance of understanding our Strengths and implementing Empathetic Listening. Two traits every leader requires to inspire their team to engage with the shared vision.

I love the VIA Character Strengths survey as the information outlines what strength we default to when dealing with life and its challenges.

Discussing our strengths allows us to hold up the mirror and reflect on our positive interactions with the world and others.

Interestingly enough, it is when we delve into the shadow side of our strengths, that overuse can be a bit confronting. The intended outcome results in frustration rather than elation.

Sometimes we need to be mindful that not every situation or everyone requires our superpower. Resisting your strength is just as important as utilising it.

I find one of the big “Aha moments” in the conversation, is the explanation of the frustration we feel when others can’t understand what you see is so obvious. They have different default strengths than you and that is why acceptance and patience become a virtue.

What I noticed since doing the Free VIA Character Strengths Survey over the past 6 years is how my Top 6 have kept a consistency of stability.

2017 – Honesty, Forgiveness, Leadership, Judgment, Creativity, Gratitude

2023 – Honesty, Hope, Gratitude, Leadership, Creativity, Judgement

If you are looking to connect your team, no matter how big, then I can highly recommend the VIA Character Strengths Survey.

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