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Influence Your Square Metre

“The one-metre square is when chaos is raining, and everything’s falling apart,” DS Ollie Ollerton explained. “We bring it back to one-meter square. And we focus on our immediate environment.”

This is an extract from SAS Australia (Channel 7) as a way of explaining the feeling of being overwhelmed with the world around us.

The recruit Anna Heinrich is being given a pep talk on how to handle the situation of the many factors that stop her from being the best she can be.

We can all relate to this.

Our minds can be distracted from the goal as it deliberates and gives energy to concerns that are outside our control.

Dr Steven Covey said, “Proactive people focus their efforts in their Circle of Influence.”

Where we spend our time and energy is a choice, we make every day. Does the decision we make influence our future self and the people we care for?

The world is in turmoil if you look at the nightly news. The graphic images are quite concerning. And although I feel for the individuals that are struggling through unimaginable adversity, I give gratitude for what I have and focus on what I can influence to create a world as I would like to see it.

“Be the change you want to see in the world” Mahatma Gandi

Are your thoughts and actions influencing your one square metre?

What are you doing that supports your future self?

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