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It Must Be Engaging and Relevant

I apologise to anyone who may be offended by my following comments, but it has to be said. “Every staff meeting must be relevant and engaging.”

Recently on completion of delivering a “Reduce Stress, Restore Balance” workshop I stayed behind to listen to the next presenter. The topic was of great interest and when in the presence of an expert, it is worth devoting some time to be educated.

Well, that was 45 minutes I won’t get back. And neither will the other 40 educators in the room. The subject material was definitely important but poorly presented and not relevant to the classroom. The PowerPoint slides broke every rule in the book for engagement.

  • Screens full of text.

  • Light text on a light background.

  • Models that were too complex.

  • Irrelevant and confusing information.

Then there was the presenter.

  • No eye contact with the audience.

  • No interaction with the educators.

  • Read from a script. Literally holding the report document.

On conclusion, I asked the principal their opinion regarding the presentation standard.

“Not good and you would be surprised at how many are like this.”

My heart sunk. Not for me but the educators sitting through these low standards, disengaging presentations. And for the presenter whose message does not have the impact to bring about change.

In an environment that is obsessed with time management, I believe as leaders we should take responsibility and ensure that every minute we ask our educators to understand, change, learn, grow and implement, the presentation should be 100% engaging and relevant to student learning.

How do we do this?

Ask one question of the presenter prior to their arrival.

“Will my staff be engaged and leave with inspiration to change?”

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