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Leadership is a Decision not a Position

There is a misconception that leadership is a title that is bestowed upon certain people to manage resources for the good of all people.

Leadership is not a title. It is a decision we individually make to encourage others to be their best selves more often with the resources we have.

Everyone leads. Parent to child. Teacher to student. Colleague to colleague. Self to self.

Yes, you are leading you.

Every time someone asks a question, seeks advice, offers feedback, or gives support, leadership is taking place.

Even the questions and comments you have with yourself. You are making decisions. You are leading. Trying to create the best version of yourself more often.

There is too much hype and hierarchy around a title.

“Leadership is a decision not a position.” Matt Church

Each individual can choose to encourage themselves and others with language and actions that create positive change.

It is positive encouragement that lifts the creativity and belonging of a team or an individual, especially yourself. Any time. Any place.

You do not need to have a formal leadership position; you just need to make a decision.

Here are the first two to make.

1. I will show up as the best version of me for others to model from.

2. The language and actions I use will encourage others to be the best version of themselves.

Everyone is a leader so make decisions that lift the people you love, especially yourself.

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