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Overwhelmed is Starting to Peak

“I still pinch myself every day as to how good my life is. The students, staff, community, and leadership are so good to work with so I get to be the best me more often.”

This was the reply from a teacher at a school I am working at. He feels safe and confident in his work ethic.

It was so refreshing to hear. I would love him to be teaching my children. I could imagine the empathy and enthusiasm he would bring to the classroom.

The school has “Positive Culture” as an agenda item and energy is being allocated to this area because well balanced educators are the best strategy to progress student learning.

The energy is around creating expectations and norms of behaviour which set the boundaries for positive connection. Team leaders are coached to monitor and uphold these expectations which improves communication and reflection.

At the centre of a Positive Culture is an environment that is a safe place for everyone to speak and be heard. To speak the truth and be acknowledged for their contribution.

Considering we are in week six, I can hear the groans and creaks from overwhelmed educators. This is the time when they feel there is no end in sight. The extra hours are starting to accumulate.

If you have or are creating a Positive Culture, then these groans and creaks should be able to be shared in a safe space to be addressed by all staff. As leaders, why do we hear the noise of overwhelm, but continue on anyway?

How are you creating a safe environment for your staff to articulate their concerns and reflections?

What is your check in strategy?

What is your “overwhelm” monitor?

I believe we need to aim for more educators pinching themselves as to how good their life is. Because they feel safe.

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