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“I don’t know whether I can do this anymore?”

This is what greeted me from a friend in need.

We all go through this scenario at some time in our lives. Some more than others.

The self-doubt. The overwhelming issues. The never-ending deadlines.

And the problem is that there is no easy answer. There are so many factors to consider. So many consequences to consider.

However, there is a question you can ask yourself that is a starting point for any further self-conversation, “What is my purpose?”

Even easier, “Why do I get out of bed each morning?”

Simon Senik’s best-selling book “Start with Why” does not just apply to business leaders, but every individual. You should have a why. You need to be able to articulate your purpose. If I asked you the question, what would your response be? When you have a why everything else will flow from there. It gives you strength to overcome the obstacles and stride the hurdles.

Think of your purpose as the concrete foundations of a building. It is solid. It is supportive. It is real. However, it does not have to be timeless. It can change as circumstances change. As we do when we move from house to house.

So, change the question from “I don’t know whether I can do it anymore.” to “Am I still aligned to my purpose?” This will begin a more productive, positive line of thinking.

And how is my friend? At work with renewed vigor. Clear on intent. Clear on purpose.

Purpose gives energy and life to our dreams. Purpose is the fuel we rely on to give strength to our actions. It is why we get up in the morning to pursue our destiny.

Everyone’s purpose is different which means there will be different outcomes. But this is good. It is what makes the world a better and fun place to live in.

When we question ourselves after a physical or mental interruption, where should we turn to for comfort and solace? It doesn’t take much to derail your journey.

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