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The Four R's for a Perfect Holiday

It has been an unprecedented long 11-week term, and everyone is feeling the weight of what one extra week feels like. You have done your best to lead, care, decide, model and laugh in the face of some tricky situations. In your mind there is so much more that could be done or needs to be done. But as true as the sun rises tomorrow, so these tasks will be waiting for completion or not.

There is a gazetted break of two weeks designed for you to do “you stuff.” It is not the time to catch up on all the “other stuff”. Be selfish. Be kind. Be you.

Everyone who knows how much you have given to the students, the staff, the community, give you permission to do one or all of the four following things.

Rest. Not being productive is good for the body and mind. Not having plans and schedules is a change of pace. Go to bed without any plans for the next day. Rest your mind from preparation. See what the day brings. Be spontaneous and respond to what the heart wants rather than the head.

Reflect. Take some time to review your term. What did you accomplish? What exists now that didn’t before? Who is a better person because of your support? What metric shows that the world is a better place because of you? Reflection is the opposite of opportunity. It is recognising the rewards for effort as opposed to the possibilities for effort.

Recharge. Schedule activities that fill your cup with joy and achievement. Coffee catchups, walk with friends, indulge in “flow state” activities where the activity challenges the mind – reading, exercise, puzzles, conversation, creativity.

Relax. Scheduling some self-care pampering. Massage, pedicures, hairdressers, an activity that you don’t normally have time to do but feels great afterwards.

The object of a break is just that – a break from fast paced responsibilities. Your objective is to return on Term 3, Day 1, with a glow and readiness to follow your purpose, energised from a full round of rest, reflection, recharging and relaxation.

You have our permission to be yourself.

Happy holiday!

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