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The Four Stage Framework for Immediate Growth

“Being uncomfortable to get comfortable”. That was the summary comment from a Courageous Leader as she reflected on the responses from the 360 Leadership Survey.

At the end of a year’s worth of leadership coaching and implementation each

Courageous Leader chooses up to 10 team members or colleagues they interact with. The 26 questions are a direct reference to the acquired leadership skills for guiding people towards the school’s purpose – making a positive difference to student progress. Skills like listening, presence, empathy, clarity, trust and courage. Actions like organised meetings, accountable outcomes and resolving conflict.

The growth in the leaders was evident as they shared their feedback and analysed the data.

Leaders are reflective. They choose where they will direct their energy and time to improve their impact on the people around them.

This is the next exercise. To take the information and decide what they will commit to in 2024. What are their growth goals?

I left with them with my favourite four stage framework to clarify their thoughts:

What will you do:

1. Less of? Before you can grow, you need to release something that is not aiding your objectives. You need to create space for effectiveness.

2. More of? What is a strength that you already possess that can be utilised for next level success?

3. STOP? There are some behaviours that are very ineffective that are a distraction for growth. This behaviour has no winners.

4. START? It is time to introduce a new effective behaviour that will create improved outcomes.

I am looking forward to our last Courageous Leaders session where we will discuss the “how to” actions for a better, new improved 2024 Courageous Leader.


Wanting to make a significant change in 2024 in the area of Staff Wellbeing, Team Leadership or School Culture?

I am excited to announce the launch of the revamped By George website show casing the road-tested workshops for educators that have a direct impact on student progress:

Reduce Stress. Restore Balance. Is a series of 5 Wellbeing strategy workshops for educators.

Lead Teams is a series of group coaching sessions to transform confused peers to Courageous Leaders.

Shift Culture is a series of workshops involving all staff to take a Culture from Negative to Positive.

Let’s talk now in preparation for 2024.

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