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The Real Outcome from “Facing the Facts”

It was with much trepidation to what will be revealed and recommended in the recent “Facing the Facts – A review of Public Education in Western Australia” report.

SSTUWA commissioned the report, led by Dr Carmen Lawrence, and handed the information to the Minister for Education in the hope that their 46 recommendations will be heard and acted on.

Of course, making changes at this level of government is like turning the Titanic before hitting the iceberg.

And there is a real need for systemic change as outlined by this report and the many previous reports in the past. However there doesn’t seem to be any remedies on the horizon that is going to cushion the collision into the iceberg.

Or is there?

A Courageous Leader can be the lighthouse who shines the pathway for others regardless of the weather conditions.

And where does a Courageous leaders start?

From their Conviction of why we educate - their BELIEF

John Flemming, champion of Explicit Direct Instruction said, “It starts with two beliefs; Every child matters every day, and All children are high achievers.”

And why does this matter? Because having your belief drive your decisions allows for clarity of what is important and what is not.

If we are really serious about workload issues for educators and creating a positive culture, then Courageous Leaders are required to make decisions that focus on student progress and park those other “important and urgent” issues for when there is real space.

There is plenty of evidence of Courageous Leaders who made courageous decisions and turned their ships around. They all work under the same system and expectations, yet they made incredible inroads into staff and student success.

Are you and your staff Courageous Leaders?

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