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The Reality of Board Games

Due to the inclement weather, my wife and I played Sequence. A board and card game merger.

The board has 96 playing card illustrations, (2 packs) minus the 8 jacks. Players have 7 cards and throw out a card, place a marker on the corresponding card on the board and pick up a card. The object is to get 5 markers in a row, twice.

Your opponent can block and stop the execution of your plan.

The problem is you can’t stick with one strategy or one plan. After every turn the situation can change - good or bad. Opportunities are lost or created. We see what we should have played. Or the card that should have been kept.

Like life.

What I noted was that once a card is down, there is nothing you can do to rectify the situation. You can’t take it back. There is no time or energy to think of what could have happened. It is only what can happen from here on. You need to change the strategy and play what you have in your hand. What you have been dealt.

Once a decision is made, deal with the consequences. Sometimes it works perfectly as you predicted. Other times your plan is blocked.

You can spend too much valuable thinking time in a space that has no answer - should’ve, could’ve, would’ve. In a game, you don’t have the luxury of that time. It is getting on with what you can do as your turn is coming.

Being your best self is to invest the time you have to make a decision that works towards the purpose. In this case, 5 markers in a row.

Do you spend time reflecting on what you should have done or invest time on what you can do?

Which one gets you closer to your goal?

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