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Three Positive Things that came out of Home Schooling

The last day of Term 1, 2020 will be etched in education history as a day never to be repeated, hopefully.

Empty classrooms utilised as a printing centres for student work packs where teachers were diligently printing, collating and stapling 2 weeks of work for home schooling.

If they weren’t in a classroom, then they were being trained in remote learning technology. Video conferencing with an individual or a group.

In both scenarios, the feeling of not being with the student was heart-felt.

Now Term 2 is upon us and teachers will be under even more stress as they feel compelled to deliver education to those that are in the classroom and at home.

So, are there any silver linings from this home-schooling situation?

I believe there were three.

1. Parents have experienced first-hand a small percentage of what a teacher does on a daily basis with not one, but 20 or more students.

It is not until you DIY your car service, when you are appreciative of the mechanic.

I know parents are very appreciative of how teachers enhance student’s lives, but now it has gone up a notch.

2. Teachers have recognised how important the authentic bond is between teacher and student. All teachers have reflected on their investment in the progress and wellbeing of their students. Through this process they revisited their purpose, why they love teaching.

3. Students have realised how they have taken for granted the school setting. A school is not just a place of learning but a place to interact with peers and educators. Social engagement supports the learning.

Hats off to educators returning to the classroom.

Social isolation has renewed and restored our appreciation of the tremendous work you do for our community in the short and long term.

Thank a teacher today.

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