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Your Best Self is Ready and Waiting

At the age of 2 Sophie Delezio suffered 3rd degree burns to 85% of her body and lost both her feet, one hand and an ear.

Two years later she was hit by a car on a pedestrian crossing, flung 18 metres and suffered a broken jaw, broken shoulder, bruising to the head, crushed ribs and punctured lung.

Sophie spent many months in hospital recovering and her life continues to rotate around hospital visits and check-ups.

From the outside one would say how “bad” her life is.

But on Ahn Doh’s “Brush with Fame” show (check it out on ABC IVIEW), Sophie inspired the audience with her positive outlook on life saying, “There is always a positive side to every negative situation.”

She is a testament to being her best self. This doesn’t mean she ignores the physical and mental pain, but acknowledges it and looks at it with a different lens. A positive lens. The pain does not subside, but her positive thoughts like gratitude, hope and kindness distracts the aches.

We can take a leaf from Sophie’s playbook.

Our problems, demands and issues can take presentence over the person who we really want to be. It seems our negative bias is first to get oxygen before the positive light can be switched on.

Like Sophie we all have our best self ready and waiting more often than we give ourselves credit for.

It is a matter of shining the positive light on situations before voicing the negative observation.

Spot the positive. Call out the positive. Acknowledge the positive.

It is there somewhere.

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