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Some Presenters Are Thieves

Strong accusation I know. However, I am not insinuating presenters as masked burglars prying open a window to steal your valuables.

I am referring to the on-site taking of audience time.

There are two types of presenters, the giver and the taker.

The giver is someone who makes a deposit into the audience’s life through a value-added message. Through a well-crafted, engaging presentation.

The taker is someone who makes a withdrawal from the audience’s life through delivery of a boring, uneventful presentation. The withdrawal is in the form of life’s greatest commodity – time.

Any presentation, no matter how short or long, requires the attention of the audience to make it successful.

That attention we all so desire is time.

We have all been in the audience of the giver and taker at some time in our life. The giver had us memorised and engaged with the message. The taker had us looking at our watches, scrolling through our phone.

When presenting, think of the audience first.

What do you want them to know?

How do you want them to feel?

What do you want them to do?

Follow the answer to these questions and you will be a giver, not a taker or thief.

In case you were wondering which speaker you may be, I invite you to engage with The Public Speaker Diagnostic. It is free and takes 2 minutes with a customised report about your speaking prowess.

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