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Venting or Vision

There is no doubt educating students has its ups and downs. Its “high fives” and “low blows”. The times you are glad and the times you are sad.

But it is the frustrating times that really knock you about and get most of the oxygen.

“Oh, Jonny just couldn’t sit still in math's today.”

“If only the department just …”


Apparently venting is part of the teaching code of survival. Offloading your frustrations onto a peer who is also dealing with their classroom chaos is quite acceptable.

The problem with venting is that most of the time the source of the frustration remains, as the solution is out of your control. It is like complaining about the cost of petrol knowing the solution is out of your hands.

Venting is a negative behaviour.

The language is negative.

The content is negative.

The conversation is negative.

People enjoy a conversation that is positive, and solution based.

Teaching is a relationship game. Relationships with students, peers, and parents.

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